Data Compiled for Redbud’s 2023 CBC

Data compiled for Redbud’s 2023 CBC
By Kathy Barnwell

The data for the 49th Redbud Audubon Christmas Bird Count has been compiled and reviewed, and the total species seen on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023, increased by one (Least Sandpiper), for a total of 133.  Total birds seen has been adjusted down slightly to 14,493.  We also added two more count week birds, including Northern Pygmy-Owl and Brown-headed Cowbird.

The day started cold and clear, with a few clouds and the wind picking up in the afternoon.   The low and high températures reported were 31 and 65 respectively.  We had 35 participants, including 4 new volunteers.  Although we had a few more participants this year, our total birding hours (74 hours) were lower than our average of 88 hours.

This year we had no high numbers of any species, and reported 10 low count species, including Wood Duck, California Quail, California Scrub-Jay, American Crow, Oak Titmouse, Bushtit, Dark-eyed Junco, Golden-crowned Sparrow, California Towhee, and Spotted Towhee.  These are all fairly common birds, and it is concerning that their counts were so low this year.  Let’s hope the numbers get back to normal next year.

We truly appreciate all the participants and their support and efforts in making the bird count as accurate and complete as possible.  Please join us next year for the 125th Annual Christmas Bird Count, and Redbud’s 50th count!  A survey of group leaders showed that most participants prefer December 14th instead of December 21st for this year’s 2024 bird count.  Please mark your calendars and we will confirm the date in the Fall.

CBC 2023 group tally sheet-final pdf2