We are happy you are interested in the local Redbud Audubon Chapter of the National Audubon Society and look forward to your participation. You can choose either a Redbud Audubon Chapter membership, or a joint membership with National Audubon and Redbud Audubon.

A joint membership with National Audubon is very important. After the first year, your renewals go to support the national organization. However, you still remain a member of the local Chapter.

A Redbud Audubon Chapter membership provides support for our local Chapter.

If you are an existing member of National, but want to support our Chapter, you can either join the Chapter (which will ensure that you receive annual renewal notices), or donate to the Chapter on a regular basis. This will not stop your membership in National.

Join our Redbud Audubon Chapter

Membership in our local chapter is managed by Member Planet which handles renewals for us. They require application by internet only.

If you wish to receive the color version our newsletter, The Western Grebe, by email only, the membership fee is $25.00 a year. It also arrives earlier than a copy sent by regular mail.

If you wish to receive a black and white version of our newsletter via regular mail, the membership fee is $35 per year to cover our printing and mailing costs.

To begin the online membership registration process, you will first need to create an account on the MemberPlanet site by entering your email and creating a password. Click the “Join Now” button below to begin the online membership process.

Sign up for National Audubon and Redbud Audubon Jointly

To join National Audubon it is $20.00 for the first year. Thereafter, National Audubon will send you renewal notices requesting an increased amount to support the national organization.

There is no way to sign up for the joint membership via the internet. You will need to download and mail your application to Redbud Audubon.

Click here to download the National/Redbud Audubon Membership form.