Redbud Audubon Board & Committee Members 2018-19

President Roberta Lyons
Vice President Donna Mackiewicz
Secretary Katherine Lindsley
Treasurer Nicola Selph
Past-President Marilyn Waits
Membership Manager Susanne Scholz
Education Committee Lisa Prather
Member-at-Large Tina Wasson
Committee Chairs
Bird Observations Jerry White
Christmas Bird Count Brad and Kathy Barnwell
Conservation Roberta Lyons and        Donna Mackiewicz
Field Trips Pat Harmon
Programs Marilyn Waits
Historian Pat Harmon
Hospitality Pat Harmon
Newsletter Editor Roberta Lyons
Newsletter Production Jim Scholz
Newsletter email Distribution Lisa Prather
Publicity Roberta Lyons
Webmaster Bonnie Thompson
Social Media Donna Mackiewicz