Volunteers are the Foundation of Heron Days Success

The 206 guests who enjoyed seeing multiple species of birds on Clear Lake during the two weekends of the 2018 Heron Days could not see the extensive behind-the-scenes planning and contributions of the many volunteers that make this much-anticipated education event possible.

This year Beth Shaver, Board of Directors Secretary, was the lead coordinator who began several months ago organizing the many functions of Heron Days.

The volunteer boat-owners/captains and the bird guides are the ambassadors for Redbud who enable the first-hand memorable experience of nature that guests carry home with them. These are the people who share with our guests their love of birds and beautiful Clear Lake.

Boat Owners/Captains. Disney’s Water Sports, Henry Bornstein, Jim Hermann, Ben Lawson, Mike Mayer, Bob and Carol Prather, Bob Rumfelt, Jim Scholz, Joan Wadhams, Rick White. The boat owners were recruited and scheduled by Beth Shaver.

Audubon Bird Guides. Brad Barnwell, Barbara Bridges, Floyd Hayes, Darlene Hecomovich, Gae Henry, Jeanette Knight, Katherine Lindsley, Sandy Moura, Tom Nixon, Doug Prather,  Nicola Selph, Susanne Scholz, Janet Swedberg, Kris Tynerand back-up guide Rick McCann. The bird guides were recruited and scheduled by Darlene Hecomovich.

Behind the scenes were many other volunteers whose hard work supported the four days of Heron Days.  Evelyn Wachtel managed the online registration and ticketing process. The crew at Lakeside Park, Evelyn Wachtel, Erica Lundquist, and Susan Cameron, were assisted by Randy Lundquist and Tje Koske. To provide lunch for the volunteers, Beth Shaver made sandwiches, and Pat Harmon brought homemade cookies, chips and fruit. Erica and Randy Lundquist were the heavy-equipment movers who picked up and returned the canopies, tables, and chairs from the Redbud storage unit. Marilyn Waits and Lisa Prather managed the grebe conservation exhibit tables and the sales of field guides and Redbud T-shirts.

This year’s Heron Days was the 23rd annual celebration of this springtime nesting event. As in past years, the event drew not just local residents, but visitors from Sonoma, Marin, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Sacramento counties. Heron Days is Redbud’s major fundraiser that enables our chapter to carry out its many educational activities throughout the year.