Gordon Beebe September Speaker

Gordon Beebe“Kaua’i, the 5.1 Million Year Experiment ~the bird not found, and why”

Redbud Audubon is pleased to welcome Gordon Beebe as the first program presenter for the season starting this September. Please join us to enjoy what will be an outstanding program, at our new location, the Kelseyville Presbyterian Church Social Hall, 5430 Third St. Kelseyville.


When Gordon Beebe traveled to Kaua’i in 2016, there was a species of bird he was particularly looking forward to seeing, the I’iwi. The fact that he didn’t find it led him to research why not.

The reason is complex, best explained by examining the entire history of the island, from its volcanic birth to the arrival of the first plant and animal species, to their adaptation and evolution in this new environment. The presentation continues with the arrival of the first humans from Polynesia, then the subsequent arrival of Europeans and others, their manipulation of the environment, introduction of foreign animals and diseases, and the effects of all of these changes on native species.

Beebe’s presentation showcases Native and introduced species of birds, other animals, plants and scenic views using photos, audio and video. Graphics and animations are included, illustrating significant events in the history of Kaua’i. The presentation concludes by highlighting the efforts of many local and international groups to preserve and protect the native species and habitats on this fragile island paradise.

Gordon Beebe is a field trip leader and website editor for Madrone Audubon Society, as well as a volunteer at Native Songbird Care in Sebastopol every breeding season. He specializes in documenting natural tropical habitats in photo, video and sound in order to share his experiences with others. He lives with his wife and faithful traveling companion Judy in Santa Rosa, CA.